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What my clients say...


The approach of therapy that Kate has used and taught me has become a valuable tool in everyday life for me - it is simple and very effective.


Thank you so much Kate for helping me work through the overwhelming grief and trauma after my son took his own life. You helped me find a peace I could not have believed possible and gave me invaluable tools with which to continue the healing process myself. I am eternally grateful.



EFT is wonderful ! It has just got me through a job interview  - successfully!

I have to keep pinching myself - it is like a dream come true!




After coming to the realisation that my extreme anxiety was affecting my life and holding me back in a huge way, I sought  help from Kate Jones. The outcome - I am the most happy and relaxed I have ever been! I now grasp at every opportunity that comes my way and enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you Kate Jones.



I came to see you for my chocolate addiction about two weeks ago.

Well I haven't bought any since I saw you! And also my whole eating pattern has changed. I just feel completely different about food and much more positive generally, and I have lost a kilo and a half. Many thanks.



I feel so fortunate to have discovered EFT with you  - it was just what I needed and the results keep astounding me. Aside from feeling emotionally free, breathing freely and feeling calmer, physically my stomach is comfortable and digestion seems to be much more natural - it's fantastic to be eating foods  that I was previously intolerant to  and allergic to, and now be symptom free!


Kate you have given me the confidence and know-how to channel my feelings and emotions in a positive manner.



You made a great difference. I actually had energy at work today since I had such a good sleep and even have enough energy to go back to the gym tonight which is great!


Your combination of hypnotherapy and EFT have helped me so much.

I am going on holiday today and my clothes fit much better and I feel so much more energy. You helped me to relax - I did not realise I was such a stressed person and holding it all in. A great big THANK YOU to you.




I just want to say a BIG thank you for teaching me EFT.

Yesterday I went for my medical and when my blood pressure was done (and they did it twice), it was almost too good for my age - 120/80, and they expected it would be 130/90! Great stuff aye!!

And yes, I flew through all my medical with flying colours.



Pleased to tell you that my golf was good fun yesterday. Your treatments  are working . Thank you for your help.



I am pleased to report that I have been sleeping a whole lot better. I am feeling a lot more refreshed and not so tired ......... very thrilled with that indeed!



Thank you again, I truly am making headway re changing my thought patterns - slowly but surely but definitely making changes.



Thanks Kate - still not smoking and feeling awesome!


Kate has a very calm, reassuring and non-judgemental manner and I always felt safe in her presence.Her skills and guidance have given me the confidence to believe in myself.


Wow thanks Kate! Your help has been essential in finding what I want in life ....


Thank you Kate. I really appreciate what you did and will recommend your work.


I have been so positive and am getting along with everyone including my sister, it's such an amazing feeling!


I cannot believe how easy everything became after our session - I am now able to fly and actually enjoy the trip. What a huge difference!


Thank you. I am now so much more relaxed and confident in social situations. It feels really good.









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